Dear CES members and friends
CES next public forum is scheduled for Wednesday 21 September, when Dr Szoke, CEO of Oxfam will talk on "Strategy, not charity: why we need effective aid now".  
Our Speaker:  Leading thinker and advocate for international development, human rights, gender and race discrimination,  Dr Helen Szoke has previously served as Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner and as the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner.
Subject:  Helen will address some of the misconceptions about Australian Aid.  She contends that aid is a powerful strategy to combat rising global inequality, climate instability and that it contributes to world peace.
Venue:  The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Corner of Kings Ave and Blackall St, Barton
Time and Date:  7.30 pm  on Wednesday 21 September
Forum Chair:  Bishop George Browning
Donation:  If you are able to to give a donation of $5 , that would assist with costs.  Supper provided.
Publicity:   Please help promote out forum by distributing the publicity flyer (attached.

Our annual dinner forum at the Bella Vista Restaurant in Belconnen last week was a great success with a full house and much conversation.  Frank Brennan's talk on "What makes for Common Good" was well received and reflected in Ingrid Moses' vote of thanks.  I expect that the talk, as with all our forum talks,  will soon be available on our website
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NON-CES Events -
You may be interested in the Canberra “Stronger Than Fiction” Documentary Film Festival which is on this weekend.
The festival has selected high quality  films with the themes of equality, human rights, refugees, disabilities, LGBT and technology in the modern world and music. 

Fire At Sea, Friday July 29th 2016, 8:30pm, Palace Electric Cinema

Winner of Golden Bear at this year's prestigious Berlin film Festival: "Urgent, imaginative and necessary filmmaking” Meryl Streep, Chair of the Jury, Berlin Film Festival.

The documentary, by director Gianfranco Rossi, is based on the Italian island of Lampedusa where refugees from Africa and the Middle East first make landfall. It takes a completely different approach to the subject, via the residents of the island. The story is told using outstanding cinematic techniques. If you liked the 1948 classic Italian film 'Bicycle Thieves', it references that neoclassical style.  For more information see!fire-at-sea/hf4mx 


The Queen of Silence, Saturday 30th July 2016, 2 pm, Palace Electric Cinema

This Polish Romany film is about a 10 year old gypsy girl in an illegal camp in Poland. A joyous, poignant film about Bollywood and loving life in the most difficult conditions. For more information see
Online Bookings may be best done through the Film festival pages at ticketing:!tickets/jwmzu 
Regards Heather