Dear CES Members and Friends


Our May public forum is next week, on Wednesday evening the 3rd of May


Speaker:  Professor Clive Hamilton


Clive Hamilton is professor of public ethics at Charles Sturt University in Canberra.  He is the author of a number of influential books, including Growth Fetish, Requiem for a Species: Why we resist the truth of climate change, and Earthmasters: Playing God with the Climate.  His latest book, which he will address at the forum, is Defiant Earth: The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene.  Professor Hamilton has held visiting academic positions at the University of Oxford, Yale University and Sciences Po in Paris.


Topic:  Defiant Earth: The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene.


This forum will explore the question of why ethics is failing in the Anthropocene, the term for the new geological epoch brought on by human neglect and rapaciousness.  Pope Francis's image of nature as the sister who cries out to us clashes with the new scientific image of an "angry" Earth bent on revenge.  Whichever term best represents the current situation, Clive insists that we must rethink the relationship between humans and the Earth.  But where do we start?


Forum Chair:  Bishop George Browning, CES Chair.


Venue: The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Corner of Kings Ave and Blackall St, Barton


Time and date:  7.30 pm, Wednesday 3 May


Donation: If you are able to give a donation of $5, that would assist with costs.  Supper provided.


There is no need to book just come along. 


Publicity:  Flyers can be printed by clicking here:  A4 Flyer.   A5 Flyer



Last Month’s Forum with speaker Dr Andrew Leigh


Many of you will have enjoyed our April forum.  The transcript can be found on the CES website ( – there is a link under Andrew’s photograph.


If you wish to hear earlier talks, the audio recordings can be found under the menu Downloads.  


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Heather McLaren