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2017 Forum Series: "Seeking our Moral Compass"

2016 Forum Series: "Common wealth, common good"

2015 Forum Series: "Equity and the Human Family"

2014 Forum Series: "Responsible Citizenship"

2013 Forum Series: "Political and economic conventional wisdom: As immoral as it is unintelligent"

2012 Forum Series "Where Lies Happiness? Recovering Community"

2011 Forum Series "Good Stewardship - Protecting our Future"

2011 Other Forums:
1. 'Stakeholding: Towards a Christian Theology of Radical Inclusivity"

2010 Forum Series on Poverty and Affluence

1. "The Theological Perspectives of Poverty and Affluence"

2. "Climbing out of Recession on the BACKS of the UNEMPLOYED?"

3. "Escaping Oppression Seeking Asylum and Refuge

4. Is Taxation Immoral?

5. "Poor Fellow My Country: Lamenting our Poverty of Spirit"

6. A fair Share: Consumerism and a 'fair go' in Australia

2008-9 Forum Series on Social Inclusion

Forum 1: "The Biblical imperative for social justice and the practical implications of this for Australia"

Forum 2: "Federal Policy on Social Inclusion"

Forum 3: "White Man's Dreaming: the NT Intervention" - 23 February 2009

4.  Forum 4:  "Access to Mental Health Care: There're people to help you out but not many to stop you falling in.

5. Forum5: "Mental disorder plus addiction: I can't fit in anywhere"

Forum 6: "The social inclusion agenda: What does it mean for poverty in Australia?"

ACT Pre-election Forum
2008 Forum Series on Prisons

"Prisons ..... can they be human, even rehabilitate?"

"How the A.C.T. compares: The facts and figures on prisoners and prisons in Australia"

"The new ACT prison: What is planned and what it will achieve."

 "The ACT Prison - a de facto Mental Institution?"

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"The Church, The State, The Media - Who sets the Nationís Social Justice Agenda?" 

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