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Who are we?


What's new what's different?


Calendar of Events


CES planned forums


Non CES events


Items of potential interest


























Who are we?


What's new what's different?


Calendar of Events


CES planned forums


Non CES events


Items of potential interest

























Who are we?


What's new what's different?


Calendar of Events


CES planned forums


Non CES events


Items of potential interest



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Who are we?

We are an ecumenical, mainstream organization, established in 2008.  We aim to strengthen social justice and ethical structures in Australia;  to promote social justice as a core Christian value;  and to further public education on ethics, current social justice issues and the Christian perspective on them. 


Recent member/supporter bulletins

2012 October | September (2) | September | August |

News of CES Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on Wednesday 3 October, 2012. The new Executive comprises John Nevile (Chair), John Goss (Vice-Chair), David Palmer (Treasurer), Robyn Coghlan (Secretary). Other committee members are: Bill Bush, Jeremy Dawson, Heather Mclaren, Werner Padarin, Ivan Roberts

Calendar of Future CES events:

2012 Forum Series "Where Lies Happiness? Recovering Community"

Several forums have already been held, see here for details of these and of previous years' forums.

Re-establishing the Power of the People

  • Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas
  • Karolina Szukalska and Rev'd Steve Clarke
Chair:       Rev'd Nikolai Blaskow
When:      7:30pm Thursday 11 October 2012
Where:     Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Corner Blackall St and Kings Av, Barton

Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas AO was from 1989 to 2001, The Foundation Director of the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the ANU. His 40-year medical career involved clinical work as both a general practitioner and a specialist physician, research into the development and licensure of a pneumococcal vaccine, consultancies with WHO and other agencies in developing countries and a period as Dean of Medicine at The University of Adelaide. Since his 2001 retirement he has he helped to form Australia21 and SEE-Change and has been a contributor to Transform Australia.

There is widespread frustration in Australia at the impoverishment of our political processes at a time when global change means that visionary leadership is desperately needed. Our political parties are in decline and "spin" is the order of the day with a race to the bottom, aimed at addressing some of our baser short term  aspirations with little thought for the long term needs of a viable future society.   Electronic social networking has played a vital role in mobilising people power in the Middle East, but  in Australia, seems to be turning our younger generations inwards rather than  outwards or forwards. In his talk, Prof Douglas will discuss the need for Australia to discover new ways of tackling recalcitrant problems such as climate change, illicit drug policy and management of the end-of-life and the need to develop better ways of informing and activating communities and making our political systems more responsive and accountable to the people. There are some promising signs on the horizon The dramatic rise  of "GETUP" and "AVAAZ" ; the stirring of the community Alliance movement and  the coalitions forming around the climate change issue are signs of  some renewal in the power of the people. He will also discuss a SEE-Change project that is attempting to promote a sense of self efficacy among senior college students in Canberra.

Also in this forum, Karolina Szukalska and Rev'd Steve Clarke will introduce the Canberra Alliance and discuss the philosophies of Community Organising

They will discuss
  • What the Canberra Alliance is
  • How and why the Canberra Alliance was formed
  • Some background information on the philosophies of Community Organising
  • What the Canberra Alliance has been doing
  • The future of the Canberra Alliance

The Canberra Alliance is a citizen's coalition broadly based across religious organisations, community organisations, unions, and other groups interested in establishing relationships that respect diversity while building a cohesive society. It believes that a strong and connected community will enable 'ordinary people' to shape their own future, to grow and develop as leaders, and to join together to influence decision makers.

The Chair for the forum, is Reverend Nikolai Blaskow BA (Sydney); DipEd (UNE); ThL (MCD).

Rev Blaskow was born in Berlin and came to Australia as an unaccompanied displaced person under the Post War Migration Scheme. He was the inaugural Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Program at Trinity Grammar School in Sydney and has taught a wide variety of subjects to matriculation level. Currently he is Teaching Chaplain at Radford College. Rev Blaskow is also a writer with a completed screenplay and is undertaking to write a novel and a stage play. He is involved in social justice issues and hopes to be more active in inter-faith dialogue. He is a member of the emerging Canberra Alliance.

poster (A4, 124kB)

Vulnerable Families: Nurturing a Sense of Wellbeing for both Children and Adults

Speaker:   Dr Gail Winkworth, Adjunct Professor, Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University Chair:       TBA
When:      7:30pm Wednesday 28 November 2012
Where:     Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Corner Blackall St and Kings Av, Barton

Children and families, 'vulnerable and in need' - what role can civil society play in a service oriented city?

The Australian Government has adopted the concept of 'social inclusion' as a central organizing principle for its social policy goal of building a "stronger, fairer nation"; one in which all Australians have the "opportunity and support" to fully participate in social and economic life. The Government's agenda for change identified the need to build a fairer society in which "those currently facing disadvantage have improved opportunities for education, health, work and wellbeing and that all Australians enjoy improved quality of life".

The profile of Australians acknowledged as being most at risk of not fully embracing opportunities is not dissimilar to those in other OECD nations. Children are high on the list: young children, Indigenous children, children whose parents are affected by mental health problems, family violence, substance use and homelessness.

The concern for vulnerable children and their families is reflected in several new policy frameworks for action. This talk will refer to Commonwealth initiatives and also to recent ACT approaches which seek to increase the responsiveness of services to 'vulnerable and in need' children and young people.

It will also discuss findings from research, including local studies of the day-to-day experiences of families in Canberra, who struggle to provide their children with the opportunities we often take for granted. It will focus particularly on the views of both parents and children, sometimes surprising, about what makes a positive difference in their lives.

Dr Gail Winkworth is an adjunct professor at the Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University (ACU), with a continuing role in, research, publishing and teaching. Her major area of specialisation is collaboration and integration across service delivery systems. In 2009 she wrote the Report "Working across the Grey - Increasing Collaboration for Services in North Canberra", which contributed to recent changes in the way services are offered to families in Canberra.

For many years Gail led child and family welfare programs in ACT and NSW including Child Protection, Adoption, Out of Home Care, Child Abuse Prevention and the cross sectoral Schools as Communities and Parentlink Programs. In 2000 she was awarded the Public Service Medal for the development of innovative programs for disadvantaged children and families. Gail was the founding editor of the peer reviewed journal Communities, Children and Families Australia.

poster (A4, 114kB)

Non-CES Events and Items of Interest

For more information about some of these events, and also some past events and relevant links, see here

John Cook : A Christian view on global warming

John Cook co-authored with Dr Hayden Washington (who spoke at our forum in October 2011) the book, "Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand". He has recently given a presentation - see Climate Change and the Weightier Matters: a Christian view on global warming. See here for more information.

Clyde Cameron Memorial Lecture

When: 9am-1pm, Saturday 13 October
Where:University House Hall, 1 Balmain Cres, ANU
Speakers: Prof John Bannon & Dr Terry Dwyer
Topic: "Wage Justice & Income Disparity: The Cameron Principles"
Further Details:  poster (pdf, 144kB)
Information or to book: (02) 6254 1897 or email or website

The Future of Homo sapiens

A Manning Clark House conference in honor of Phillip Adams

Keynote address by Phillip Adams: Homo sapiens: where-to now?

Talks by leading scientists, intellectuals, philosophers, theologians, economists, politicians and lawyers

8:30 to 20.30, Tuesday, 9th October, 2012; Lower Ground Floor
National Library of Australia, Canberra, A.C.T.
Bookings : Ph. 61 (02) 6295 1808
Adult $55, MCH member $45, Students $7
Further information here. Flyer (pdf, 55kB) here

Referendum to acknowledge Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Read here about the proposal to change Australia's constitution to include recognition of Indigenous Australians

Responding to homelessness in the ACT

Read here about the submission of Project Safe Shelter to the inquiry of the Standing Committee on Health, Community and Social Services into social housing.

Items of potential interest - please have a look

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  141. View the story of the Yolngu people of Ramingining in the northern part of Central Arnhem Land.


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