Items of potential interest

  1. Nauru nightmare: immigration policy and Australia's 'concentration camp'
  2. Great Native Title Swindle - Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)
  3. ON LINE Opinion Much more than a "thought bubble" - Dick Smith Tiny [thought] bubbles - Ross Elliot
  4. MORE THAN LUCK - Ideas Australia Needs Now  -   Centre For Policy Development -   (download  a PDF version here 1.5MB)
  5. Jeopardy (Fukushima) - Commonweal
  6. The Converging World: Climate Change, Planetary limits, What can/should we do?  -  David Teather - Canberra U3A Action Discussion Group
  7. The Science of Climate Change Questions and Answers  -  Australian Academy of Science
  8. Climate Change: Science and Solutions for Australia  -   CSIRO
  9. Paul Collins and the Vatican - Eureka Street
  10. Poor information and sense of irritation hamper climate change science  - Tim Flannery -The Australian
  11. Briefing Papers (Fact Sheets) - Energy Science
  12. Stop the Intervention - National Indigenous Times
  13. Jenny Macklin to Frank Brennan - Eureka Street
  14.  The Northern Territory Intervention and Human Rights: an Anthropological Perspective - Whitlam Institute
  15. Inside Story  - 7 February 2011 - Swinburne Institute for Social Research
  16. The nine ecological virtues - Rich Heffern - National Catholic Reporter
  17. Living Letter report - Beyond Intervention - Many Voices, One Purpose: Standing in Solidarity (pdf, 3.4MB) - NATSIEC
  18. Newsletters
  19. Inside Story - 3rd December 2010
  20. Can Australia afford not to be reconciled?  - Pat Dodson - Speech given at the University of NSW, November 2010
  21. Can We Secure Our Food Whilst Maintaining Our Environment? - Dr John Williams - Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists
  22. Graeme Innes, Race Discrimination Commissioner, speaks out about Deaths in Custody
  23. Senate Majority report on the NT Intervention  -  Senate Minority Report
  24. Inside Story - Latest Current Affairs and Culture articles
  25. A modern approach to refugee resettlement - Kerry Murphy - Eureka Street
  26. Poor Fellow My Country: Lamenting our Poverty of Spirit.    Graeme Mundine - NATSIEC
  27. Nei Neiwa Ya Yu Gali: Towards a Whole Body of Reconciliation - Rev Dr Jonathan Inkpin
  28. Science and Theology - both need new wine in new wine skins. Dr John Williams - (A lecture given in memory of Prof Charles Birch) - Canberra Uniting Church
  29. Should Private Barns have a political, legal and moral ascendancy over "Common Wealth"? - Bishop George Browning - Canberra Uniting Church
  30. Vote for Hope - John Falzon - Eureka Street
  31. Why conscientious Christians could vote for the Greens - Frank Brennan - Eureka Street
  32. Refugees: Refugee Policy In The 2010 Federal Election Campaign: What The Parties Are Saying  -  Refugee Council of Australia Meet a Queue Jumper  -  Crikey Asylum Numbers in Perspective  -  Crikey
  33. More than Luck: Ideas that Australia needs now - Centre for Policy Development
  34. "The Collapse of Globalism"  -  John Ralston Saul -  ABC BigIdeas  (Note: This is an audio file)
  35. Gillard mining deal betrays the common good - Michael Mullins - Eureka Street
  36. The Real Problem with Europe's Economy - Evan Jones -
  37. Abbott and Australia's new poor - Brian Lawrence - Eureka Street
  38. Putting a value on nature could set the scene for a true green economy -&-  Book Pavan Sukhdev Seminar -&- Centre for Policy Development Seminar
  39. ACSJC Briefing June 2010
  40. "The Quest for Justice" (drug related crime) - Supreme Court Judge Ken Crispin - 7:30 Report (Kerry O'Brien)
  41. Asylum seekers and refugees: what are the facts? - Parliamentary Library, Dept of Parliamentary Services
  42. Making work pay and making income support work - Brotherhood of St Lawrence
  43. Women on the move - evaluating a refugee mentoring pilot program - Brotherhood of St Lawrence
  44. Immigration control versus human rights - Kerry Murphy - Eureka Street
  45. Global Ethics and Human ResponsibilitiesHans K√ľng
  46. Declaration Toward a Global Ethic - Global Ethics Foundation
  47. Reining it in: executive pay in Australia - The Australia Institute
  48. What a waste - An analysis of household expenditure on food - The Australia Institute
  49. Pod Rights - Australian Human Rights Commission
  50. When tolerance doesn't cut it - Andrew Hamilton  - Eureka Street
  51. The Limits of Crisis Exploitation: The NT Intervention as a Reform Boomerang - Murray Edelman
  52.  GM patents exploit the poor   Charles Rue  - Eureka Street