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This is a resource page of websites that may be of interest to CES members and supporters.  The CES does not necessarily support/endorse the views/opinions expressed on these sites. They are provided as an information source.

Responding to homelessness in the ACT

You will have notice that shortfalls in public housing in the ACT have been attracting media attention in the last year or so. That the ACT with a median household income of A$91,624 - the highest in the country - cannot find stable housing for over 2,000 of its citizens is a particular scandal. The waiting list for public housing has that many people on it. This unmet need reflects a failure to meet our international human rights obligation to accord everyone "an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions." Among the homeless are a number of women and children who get by sleeping in cars.

Officials divide the homeless people into different categories including those:

Rough sleepers are concentrated in Canberra's inner north where they can access some support services such as the Early Morning Centre of City Uniting Church and those offered by St Vincent's de Paul and St John's Care.

In response to a sounding of needs of those at the Early Morning Centre, representatives of a number of inner north Canberra Churches have been looking into arranging for the use of church halls on a rotating basis to provide secure, dry and warm overnight accommodation. Under this scheme, dubbed Project Safe Shelter, volunteers would sleep over in the halls. The volunteers would be drawn from the wider church community as well as the host congregations. The idea was a simple one and one that has been implemented in Sydney and elsewhere. Unfortunately there are a number of obstacles to the initiation of such a scheme. The need for church halls to be upgraded to comply with building regulations is likely to be the most onerous. Another difficulty may be securing a change of zoning classification under planning regulations. Because of a need for public notices and exposure to objections, the scheme would probably become entangled in proceedings before the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeal Tribunal. In short, regulations made with the best of intentions can obstruct impromptu action to address serious needs.

The Safe Housing Group has made a submission to an Assembly inquiry into the provision of Social Housing. Hearings so far have focussed on procedural issues such as according priority to those most in need and continual management of the waiting list. But it is clear that there is not enough public housing and not enough support for the many of those with complex mental health and other needs who make up a high proportion of the Canberra's homeless. Government regulations put it beyond the power of groups like churches to respond spontaneously to the need before them. There may be understandable reasons for these regulations but as so often happens, the interests protected are not those of the most vulnerable. All the more reason that the Government should meet the responsibilities that it has assumed and make good the want of investment in public housing that has long characterised governments of all stripes.

A copy of the submission of Project Safe Shelter is here

Progressive Links (US emphasis)

Mental Health

Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health

AeJAMH is a forum for advancing promotion, prevention and early intervention (PPEI) approaches to mental health. It is a peer reviewed, online, open access journal. Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2009 is the current issue. To see the index of downloadable articles from this issue please click here.


Auseinetter is the newsletter of The Australian Network for Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention for Mental Health (Auseinet). This newsletter is distributed three times annually. The site also provides a range of fact sheets on mental health issues. For example "What is mental health promotion for consumers and carers"
Response Ability

Response Ability aims to support the tertiary education of selected professionals, to better prepare them for roles in mental health promotion and suicide prevention, or in raising awareness about these issues. (The name Response Ability derives from the concept of helping people to develop the ability to respond to certain situations they will encounter in their professional roles.)
Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia

As the peak body representing the interests of the alcohol and other drug sector nationally, ADCA has a key role in advocating for adequate infrastructure support and funding for the delivery of evidence-based alcohol and other drug initiatives. Their site has a range of Policy papers. For example - Comorbidity:  (a term that refers to the coexistence of a mental health problem with some form of substance use).


Nuclear power/weapons

People for a nuclear-free Australia

PNFA was formed in response to disturbing news that the Howard Government had developed an unbounded enthusiasm for Australia to become a major player in the nuclear power and nuclear waste arena on a global scale. This site also links to other sites about nuclear and associated issues.

General sites dealing with multiple issues

Australia Institute - for a just, sustainable, peaceful future

The Australia Institute is an independent public policy research centre funded by grants from philanthropic trusts, memberships and commissioned research. The Institute was launched in 1994 to develop and conduct research and policy analysis and to participate forcefully in public debates. Unconstrained by ideologies of the past, the purpose of the Institute is to help create a vision of a more just, sustainable and peaceful Australian society and to develop and promote that vision in a pragmatic and effective way. This site contains a variety of papers/articles on many aspects of Australian society - worth perusing.

UnitingJustice Australia - is the justice unit of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia. We pursue social and ecological justice and peace through advocacy and education and seek to communicate the Church’s vision for a reconciled world

Anglicare Australia is the peak body for a national network of locally based Anglican care organisations serving the needs of disadvantaged Australians and their communities.

Resources for Catholic Educators includes a multitude of resource materials including links to other sites.

Faith doing Justice – largely confined to (official) “Catholic Social Teaching”

Trinity College (WA boys’ Catholic college in the Edmund Rice tradition) has a great series of pages pointing to documents concerning Australian Indigenous People and a multitude of Contemporary Issues and also includes many external social justice links

Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC) - set up by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference as the national justice and peace agency of the Catholic Church in Australia

Edmund Rice Institute for Social Justice, Fremantle

Edmund Rice Centre

Better World Links  a huge link collection made by a socially committed German physician and using the symbol of the Martin-Luther-Kirche,  Rotenburg a. d. Fulda, Germany      

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland 

Center of Concern - a US Catholic organization working for global social and economic justice    

Project Safecom (in Western Australia) initially dealt with asylum seeker issues, but now has valuable material on environmental protection, human rights and peace             

Australian Policy Online edited by the Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology

Salt of the Earth – US Catholic social justice site published by the Claretian order            

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (click on the "Social Justice Issues" button at left) 

ReliefWeb - a “global hub for time-critical humanitarian information on Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters”                        

 Institute for America's Future - confined to US issues       

Dissident Voice (US) “a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice”      

http://www.newmatilda.com  - independent website of news, analysis and satire, often with articles relevant to social justice issues                

Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre   

Evatt Foundation (Aust) “committed to furthering the ideals of social justice, equality, participation and human rights”               

A Globe of Witnesses – an “initiative to reclaim the Anglican vocation of doing ‘public theology’"               

Sojourners (US) articulating “the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world”      

UNity - National publication of the United Nations Association of Australia – News items on climate change, human rights, peace & security, health & other issues              


(below are a number of links categorised by the main issues they address – in some cases they are single issue sites.)


Poverty - Global

Australian Council for International Development (an independent national association of Australian non-government organisations working in the field of international aid and development)       

Caritas Australia  - primarily Catholic Social Welfare            

Christian Churches Together (US) Statement on Poverty

Global Policy Forum monitors policy making at the United Nations and advocates on vital issues of international peace and justice               

Father Frank Jones Mission (Latin America)              

Christian Aid (UK)            

Micah Challenge Australia (part of a global movement of Christian agencies, churches, groups and individuals inspiring and equipping Christians to speak out against poverty and injustice)               

Micah Challenge (UK)     

Mennonite Central Committee - seeking to “demonstrate God's love by working among people suffering from poverty, conflict, oppression and natural disaster”     

UC Atlas of Global Inequality       


Land reform

The Henry George foundation of Australia "There is but one way to remove an evil — and that is, to remove its cause. Poverty deepens as wealth increases, and wages are forced down while productive power grows, because land, which is the source of all wealth and the field of all labor, is monopolized" Henry George. The Land Song - Recent British Election - BBC (background to the song).

Association for Good Government (AGG) - The association educates in the ideas and principles of Henry George  



Poverty - Australia

Brotherhood of St Laurence          

Jesuit Social Services       

St Vincent de Paul Society              

The Wellbeing Manifesto                

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council


Asylum Seeker, Refugee, Migration and Human Trafficking

Refugee Council – an independent organisation and the largest in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees by giving direct help and support and also working with them to ensure their needs and concerns are addressed              

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) beginning in the US in 1939 specifically to assist Lutheran refugees from Europe, LIRS moved to serve all refugees and become the second largest of the 10 US voluntary agencies that handle this work in the US               

Canberra Refugee Support Inc - Canberra community based not-for-profit organisation to welcome and provide support to refugees who wish to settle in Canberra  

Centre for Refugee Research - an interdisciplinary Centre at the University of New South Wales, which focuses on refugee flows and resettlement issues in the Asia Pacific Region initiating research and education programs. It works co-operatively with a small refugee advocacy group, the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW)     

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation, founded in 1980 as a work of the Society of Jesus, to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people.  It undertakes services at national and regional levels with the support of an international office in Rome   

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia – the Australian arm of the Jesuit Refugee Service       

Julian Burnside QC          

Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (FASSTT) - a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing   

Project Safecom (in Western Australia)        

Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) - Australian peak body representing refugee organisations  - its own work is centred around policy, support for refugees, support for is member organisations, community education and administration                

Refugees Australia – site not maintained since 2005, but retains valuable as a historical archive

Scalabrini Migration Center - Philippines based non-profit research institute dedicated to encourage and facilitate the study of socio-demographic, economic, political, psychological, historical, legislative and religious aspects of human migration and refugee movements from and within Asia.        

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) - seeking to address needs and rights of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide by advancing fair and humane public policy, facilitating and providing direct professional services, and promoting the full participation of migrants in community life 

European Country of Origin Information (ECOI) Network - gathers, structures and processes publicly available country of origin information with a focus on the needs of asylum lawyers, refugee counsels and persons deciding on claims for asylum and other forms of international protection.  Includes a "Refugee Law Reader" published by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee    


Drug Policy (Headlines and web links to articles of significance)
From the Wall Street journal
The War on Drugs is a Failure
We should focus instead on reducing harm to users and on tackling organized crime. February 23, 2009, Wall Street Journal
From The Economist print edition
• How to stop the drug wars, Mar 5th 2009
• Dealing with drugs: On the trail of the traffickers
• The cocaine business: Sniffy customers
• Levels of prohibition: A toker’s guide
• Drug education: In America, lessons learned
From The Guardian
• The global drug charade
Flying in the face of all the evidence, the UN is about to recommit to the tried and failed approach, Mike Trace
• Ten wasted years: UN drug strategy a failure, reveals damning report
• Grasping the nettle: potential approaches to drugs and the law
• Afghanistan South by Patrick J. Buchanan 03/06/2009 Which is the greater evil? Legalized narcotics for America’s young or a failed state of 110,000 million on our southern border?
• BBC Today Programme; Interview of Antonio Maria Costa by Ed Stourton.
• Russia finally admits to its hidden heroin epidemic

• UN summit torn over pursuit of ‘war on drugs’

Australia Addresses the Plenary Session of HLM
From the UN
• UNODC home page
• UNODC Commission on Narcotic Drugs Live
• UN Human Rights Experts Call upon CND to Support Harm Reduction
Letter to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs from UN Special Rapporteurs, December 10, 2008
Scottish Drugs Forum
• Prison officers union seek crunch talks on needle exchange program

Note:  The above drug related URLs can be downloaded as a PDF document

For additional local information re drug reform visit the "Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform (ACT) Inc" site.


• Oakland Police Massacre: A Desperate Act to Avoid Going Back to Prison

• Drug Reporter (assorted articles)




Catholic Earthcare Australia (CEA) - an agency of the Catholic Bishops Commission for Justice and Service with a mission to help promote understanding among people that Creation is sacred and endangered, and must be protected and sustained for present and future generations yet unborn

Australia 21 - building a better future. An independent, non partisan, non-profit organisation which builds networks of outstanding people from diverse backgrounds to assist in the accomplishment of a sustainable and flourishing future.

SEE-Change aims to build healthy communities, which are resilient, creative and thriving in response to the enormous challenges we now face. Their aim is to connect groups and individuals within a community. Building on social capital and empowering the communities to bridge the divide between old ways of thinking and new ways in order to thrive into the future.


Human Rights and Racism

Amnesty International     

Amnesty International Australia     

Human Rights Watch       

Julian Burnside QC (includes a link to the Justice Project)       

Australians Against Racism           

Adelaide Independent Media Centre - a grassroots organization using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in South Australia (also addresses other issues) 

Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc is a non-profit national organisation representing Internet users concerned with on-line freedoms and rights. EFA is independent of government and commerce and is funded by membership subscriptions and donations from individuals and organisations with an altruistic interest in promoting online civil liberties.    


Indigenous Peoples

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Twelve Canoes - view the story of the Yolngu people of Ramingining in the northern part of central Arnhem Land.

Oxfam - Close the Gap. Health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Cooperative Reasearch Centre for Aboriginal Health - Beyond Bandaids - Exploring the Underlying Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health 

Journey of Healing - To support the Canberra Journey of Healing Network, Ngunnawal, other Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and groups in the ACT and surrounding region.

Free West Papua - A UK site supporting the peaceful struggle of the Papuan people to regain their independence

About Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights - advocacy group for Indigenous Papuan people




War & Peace

Pace E Bene (US) “fostering a just and peaceful world through nonviolent education, community-building and action”               

National Catholic Reporter (US) column “On the Road to Peace” by John Dear sj (click on John Dear SJ at left)     

John Dear sj     

Peace Brigades International        

John Pilger Australian independent journalist and filmmaker  

Robert Fisk (mainly dedicated to articles by Robert Fisk - Middle East correspondent for Independent Newspaper UK)               

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words documenting war crimes           

Victorian Peace Network - no longer active, but contains an extensive archive with emphasis on the

campaign against the war on Iraq 2003      


War & Peace - Palestine

International Church Action for Peace in Palestine and Israel (ICAPPI) is the World Council of Churches advocacy initiative for Palestine and Israel            

Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem          

Avigail Abarbanel's web site



Markula Centre for Applied Ethics

A forum for research and discussion in all areas of applied ethics. The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University is one of the preeminent centers for research and dialogue on ethical issues in critical areas of American life

Global Ethics Foundation - An comprehensive, multimedia Learning Platform of the Global Ethic Foundation