Working Group of the NSW Ecumenical Council

Associate Member of the ACT Churches' Council Inc


PO Box 5709 Hughes ACT 2605



1.1    The objectives of Christians for an Ethical Society (CES) are to strengthen social justice and ethical structures in Australia, to promote social justice as a core Christian value, and to further public education on ethics, current social justice issues and the Christian perspective on them.

1.2    The CES Charter elaborates these objectives in detail.



2.1    CES is constituted as a working group of the New South Wales Ecumenical Council. CES also holds associate membership of the ACT Council of Churches.

2.2    CES may develop links to and affiliate with other appropriate bodies to further its aims and objectives



3.1    Persons who complete the membership application and pay the prescribed annual membership fee become members of CES and may renew membership by payment of that fee each year.

3.2    The prescribed annual membership fees are

Category               Standard   Concession

Single                      $15           $10

Joint / Family           $20           $15


3.3    The prescribed annual membership fees may be reviewed from time to time by the committee and revised by resolution adopted at a general meeting.

3.4    When the membership application is made at any time within the three (3) months prior to 1 July and the annual membership fee is paid, that membership shall be renewable on 1 July of the subsequent year.

3.5    In all other cases, annual membership fees become due and payable on 1 July of each year.

3.6    Membership shall lapse if the renewal annual membership fee is not received within three (3) months of the due date.

3.7    Registered members at the date of notice of meeting are entitled to vote at general meetings and are eligible to be elected as officer-bearers and ordinary members of the committee.

3.8    Members also will be issued with all regular bulletins and membership communications of CES by electronic means or by post where requested.




4.1    The management of CES and the authority to act on behalf of CES are vested in a committee of no more than twelve (12) members of CES, comprising Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and eight (8) ordinary committee members

4.2    Office-bearers and ordinary committee members shall be appointed for a term of one (1) year.

4.3    The committee may create sub-committees to undertake specific tasks.

4.4    The committee may create other positions and appoint or co-opt persons to carry out the functions of those positions.

4.5    The committee may appoint persons who are members of CES to vacancies or casual vacancies within its 12 member limit.

4.6    The committee shall meet at monthly intervals or more or less, as required. The quorum for committee meetings is four (4). Convenors of sub-committees and other appointed or co-opted persons may attend committee meetings.


Honorary President

4.7    The appointment of an Honorary President shall be made for a term of one (1) year, with an option of a second term by mutual agreement. The Honorary President shall be an ordained minister of religion, or a member of a religious order, or a theologically or ethically qualified person who is willing to assist CES to pursue its objectives.

4.8    The Honorary President shall represent CES publicly and may make representations or otherwise act on behalf of CES. The Honorary President shall also ordinarily represent CES at meetings of and in dealings with the ACT Council of Churches. The Honorary President may preside at annual general meetings of CES, but should have no other executive role except as specified herein.



Annual General Meeting

5.1    With the exception of the first annual general meeting, the annual general meeting shall be called within five (5) months after the end of each financial year on the date and at the place and time that the committee considers appropriate.

5.2    In addition to any other business that the committee decides may be transacted at the annual general meeting, the business of the annual general meeting is

(a) to confirm the minutes of the last annual general meeting and any general meeting held since that meeting; and

(b) to receive from the committee reports on CES activities during the last financial year; and

(c) to receive and consider the financial report and statements; and

(d) to elect members of the committee, including office bearers.

General Meeting

5.3    The committee may, whenever it considers appropriate, call a general meeting of members.

5.4    The committee must, on the written request of five (5) members, call a general meeting of members.

5.5    The request of members for a general meeting must state the purpose or purposes of the meeting, must be signed by all five members and must be lodged with the secretary.

5.6    Where such a meeting is sought for the purpose of considering a special resolution, the terms of that resolution are to be given to the secretary.



5.7    Except if the nature of the business to be dealt with at a general meeting requires a special resolution, notice of the meeting shall be sent to members at least (14) days before the date of the general meeting.

5.8    If the business of the general meeting requires a special resolution, the terms of that resolution are to be set out in the notice which shall be sent to members at least twenty-one (21) days before the date of the meeting

5.9    Notice of a general meeting shall be sent to each member by electronic means or by post to the member’s address.


Quorum and Procedure for General Meetings

5.10    No item of business may be transacted at a general meeting unless a quorum of members entitled to vote is present during the time the meeting is considering that item.

5.11    Eight (8) members present in person constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of a general meeting.

5.12    If within 30 minutes after the time the meeting was due to start a quorum is not present, the meeting, if called at the request of members, is dissolved, and in any other case adjourned to a date to be set.

5.13    If at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within 30 minutes after the time the meeting was due to start, the members present (being not less than 4) constitute a quorum.



5.14    A question arising at a general meeting is to be decided ordinarily on a show of hands and each member present has one vote only.

5.15    If the votes on a question at a general meeting are equal, the presiding member is entitled to a second or casting vote.



Financial Year

6.1    The financial year of CES ends on 30 June.


General Financial Management

6.2    The committee shall, in conjunction with the New South Wales Ecumenical Council, establish, further to those herein, any other rules and practices necessary for the safe and orderly handling of monies and the keeping of accounts.

6.3    The committee shall, for the safekeeping of CES funds, open and operate a bank account, with all cheques and other negotiable instruments being signed by any two of the office-bearers and ordinary committee members authorised to do so by the committee.


Funds – source

6.4    The funds of CES must be derived from annual membership fees, donations and subject to any resolution passed by members in general meeting, any other sources that the committee decides.


Funds – purpose and management

6.5    Subject to any resolution passed by members in general meeting, the funds of CES must be used for its objectives in the way that the committee decides.

6.6    All money received by CES must be deposited as soon as practicable and without deduction to the credit of its bank account.

6.7    As soon as practicable after receipt of any money, an appropriate receipt must be issued.




Special Resolution

7.1    A resolution is to be taken as a special resolution if

(a) it is passed at a general meeting, being a meeting of which at least 21 days notice, accompanied by a notice to propose the resolution as a special resolution, has been given to members; and

(b) it is passed by at least three-quarters of those members at the meeting who, being entitled to vote, vote in favour of the special resolution.

Alterations to Objectives and Constitution

7.2    CES may, by special resolution, alter its Objectives.

7.3    CES may, by special resolution, alter rules in its Constitution in whole or in part.



8.1    CES may be wound up voluntarily if a general meeting has, by special resolution, resolved that it be wound up.

8.2    CES may be wound up by decision of and under direction from the New South Wales Ecumenical Council.

8.3    Surplus funds and other assets, on winding up, shall be vested in the New South Wales Ecumenical Council


Canberra ACT

19 May 2009


Download a copy of the CES Constitution.