2018 Forum Series: “Wellsprings of Hope”

8 February 2018: “Wellsprings of Hope”, Professor John Warhurst

24 April 2018: “Hope and Peace”, A/Professor David Neville

29 May 2018:  “Springs of Hope: rethinking the vertical”, Elizabeth Farrelly

15 August 2018:  “Rule of Law or ruled by law?”, Gerard Horton and Salwa Duaibis

25 October 2018:  “Catholic Social Justice Commission 2018-19 Social Justice Statement:  A place to call home – making a home for everyone in our land”, Fr Frank Brennan, Susan Hellyer, Dr John Falzon, Peter Thorley

  • Audio recordings:

    • Introduction:  Fr Michael Cockayne
    • Address: Fr Frank Brennan
    • Address: Susan Hellyer
    • Address: John Falzon
    • Address: Peter Thorley
    • Question 1: How can we take on board the Indigenous spirit of hospitality, make housing a popular issue and accommodate pets?
    • Question 2: Low priority of expenditure on Housing and what it takes to make a home
    • Question 3: Houselessness and Homelessness not the same thing
    • Question 4: What do you do if lease not renewed?
    • Question 5: Partnerships particularly with Industry Groups
    • Question 6: Necessary to move away from private ownership of land?
    • Question 7: Relevance of shared indigenous landownership.
    • Closing remarks: by Mike Cassidy, Archdiocesan Social Justice Commission