Mediating Democracy: Journalism in the Post Truth Age

By January 25, 2019Past Forums

Paul Bongiorno AM


Tuesday 12 February 2019

Speaker: Paul Bongiorno AM
Chair: Emeritus Professor John Warhust AO
When: 7:30pm Tuesday 12 February 2019
Where: Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Corner Blackall St and Kings Av, Barton

Australians will go to the polls this year in what is one of the best regulated voting systems in the world. But while the integrity of the vote is assured and compulsory voting a safeguard against extremist minorities it is not enough to restore or maintain faith in democracy.

Truth has become a commodity for media outlets. The business model dictates editorial choice of stories and the slant they receive. The trivialisation of politics and the unwillingness to hold power to account by a banal equivalence of views has reduced news to entertainment or worse an echo chamber of bigotry.

But the truth can still set us free and there are shafts of light.

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