Forum Series on Social Inclusion:

28 August 2008: “The Biblical imperative for social justice and the practical implications of this for Australia”, Michael Fallon and Terry McCarthy

5 November 2008: “Federal Policy on Social Inclusion”, Ursula Stephens and Kasy Chambers

23 February 2009:  “White Man’s Dreaming: the NT Intervention”, Bishop Greg Thompson, Justice Richard Refshauge

  • Audio recordings:
    • Welcome and introduction: Heather McLaren, interim CES Chairperson
    • Speech: Bishop Greg Thompson
    • Response: Justice Richard Refshauge
    • Question 1: Has there been a change in direction re the intervention with the new government? What is the role of churches?
    • Question 2: Danger of creating a victim mentality. Good intentions have not helped
    • Question 3: Speculate as to why the Prime Minister continues with the current operation of the intervention
    • Question 4: Opening up of reserves
    • Question 5: Who are the officials/administrators involved in the intervention?
    • Question 6: Where do we stand re the NT and Federal government re governance?
    • Question 7: Closing the gap – language/schooling
    • Comment 1: Teacher at an indigenous community at the start of the intervention
    • Comment  2: Lack of resources
    • Vote of thanks
  • Greg Thompson’s “work in progress paper” which formed the basis of his speech

“Access to mental health care:  there’re people to help you out but not many to stop you falling in.”

  • Audio downloads currently not available

“Mental disorder plus addiction: I can’t fit in anywhere”, Ian Webster, Deb Wybron

“The social inclusion agenda:  What does it mean for poverty in Australia?”, Julian Disney

  • Audio downloads currently not available

ACT Pre-election Forum:  Come and hear the proposed Social Justice policies of ACT parties standing for the 2008 election, chaired by Ross Peake, National Affairs Editor of the Canberra Times

Forum series on Prisons

February 2008: Prisons…..can they be human, even rehabilitate?”, Professor Tony Vinson

March 2008:  2a – “How the ACT compares:  The facts and figures on prisoners and prisoners in Australia”, Professor David Biles.  2b:  “The new ACT prison: what is planned and what it will achieve”, Simon Corbell

June 2008: “The ACT   Prison – a de facto Mental Institution?”, Gary Humphreys, Richard Refshauge, Ron Cahill

Note: CES produced a small Corrections Resource Booklet for distribution at the prison forums which has now been updated and is now available for general distribution.

Non CES event downloads

In May 2009, the Women’s Centre for Health Matters, published the report “ACT Women and Prisons, Invisible Bars:  The Stories behind the Stats” written by Deb Wybron and Kiri Dicker. The report is available for viewing/downloading. It was launched by the ACT Minister for Women, Katy Gallagher. An MP3 recording of the launch can be listened to/downloaded here.

Strip Searching in the ACT Prison

The ACT Women and Prisons Group, together with the ACT Community Coalition on Corrections, conducted a public forum on Strip Searching in the ACT Prison.  Audio recordings available from the ACT Community Coalition on Corrections website.

Social Justice Seminar (held on Saturday 30 August 2008, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm at St Ninian’s Uniting Church)

“The Church, The State, The Media – Who sets the Nation’s Social Justice Agenda?”

Speakers included:

  • Rev’d Elenie Poulus, National Director of Uniting Justice in Australia
  • Jack Waterford AM, Editor at Large of the Canberra Times
  • Professor John Langmore, Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne
  • Professor John Warhust, ANU political scientist

Audio downloads from this seminar are now available by visiting the St Ninian’s Uniting Church website.