2011 Forum Series:”Good Stewardship – Protecting our Future”

17 February 2011:  “Known Knowns:  A Basket of Summer Fruit”, Bishop George Browning

The Lord said to Amos: “What do you see? And I said: A basket of summer fruit.” Amos 8:2

11 June 2011:  Australian Religious Perspectives on Climate Change, Bishop George Browning

A multi-faith delegation came to Canberra in early June 2011 to lobby federal politicians on behalf of the many people of faith who believe urgent action is needed to curb climate change.  As part of the Canberra visit, a public forum entitled “Australian Religious Perspectives on Climate Change” was also held on 11th June. Bishop George Browning, former Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn, presented a paper offering a religious perspective on climate change and the policy responses needed.  Responses to the paper were presented by Mark Dreyfus (Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change), Greg Hunt (Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water) and Dr Janette Lindesay (Associate Professor at the Australian National University and climate scientist).

24 March 2011: “Nuclear Power – Bequeathing yet more problems to future generations?”, Dr Sue Wareham

12 May 2011: “Populating the future – Hurtling towards a precipice, hoping for a miracle?  Controlling our population – a moral obligation”, Geoff Buckmaster, Mark O’Connor

8 September 2011: “Water community and food”, Dr John Williams of the Wentworth Group

13 October 2011:”Climate Change “Denial” Twisting Language?”, Dr Haydn Washington, co-author with John Cook of “Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand”

25 November 2011: “Sustainable Cities”, Professor Peter Newman, Director of The Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

Other 2011 forums:

29 March 2011:  “Stakeholding: Towards a Christian Theology of Radical Inclusivity” NATSIEC, Dr Anthony Reddie

This forum was co-sponsored by ACCC and CES